Many teachers are nervous that meeting each child’s individual needs may compromise the time and ability to cover required curricular content for everyone in the class. I am here to tell you that meeting the needs of each child, will increase your ability to gain your students’ attention, allowing more time for quality instruction, and less time for behavior management. Lesson planning according to research-based learning style preferences will accommodate the ways every student learns best according to his/her brain differences. You may want to set up auditory, visual, and kinesthetic classroom stations where the students control how, what, and with whom they will choose to learn. The curricular content is more easily comprehended and becomes more relevant to the student’s motivation to learn. Give your students the control each one of them craves and they will become independent thinkers and proud of being the best possible young scholar. For more detailed information on how to plan for and design this classroom, check out the book The Four Brain Essential Learning Steps – A process to create inclusive environments for every unique brain.

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