For Teachers, For Students, For Everyone

4B.E.L.S. strives to educate every unique person with knowledge that promotes respect for diversity and tolerance.

Discover How The Brain Learns Best

The 4B.E.L.S. book offers a unique experience in understanding how the brain learns best and why this information is important for every person at every age.

Improve Grades, Test Scores, Retention & More

4B.E.L.S. experiences improve classroom grades, standardized test scores, and overall ability for retention and retrieval for all age levels.

For Educators / Instructors

For teachers, professors, professional development instructors, motivational and organization trainers If you are a teacher, professor, professional development instructor, motivational or organization trainer, then 4B.E.L.S. instruction is the most effective process to ensure every learner in your session or classroom becomes intrinsically motivated to apply your information.

For Parents

“The best inheritance parents can give their children is a few minutes of their time each day.” – O.A. Battista Find out how to better understand your child’s motivation and behaviors. Support your child’s learning in school and at home. Understand how to ensure your child’s academic and life success. 4B.E.L.S. have answers.

For Every Unique Brain (That Is You)

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein Find out how to better understand ways to achieve more from educational sessions and life situations. Exercise your ability to listen to others and appreciate discussions both in and out of the classroom.

Message From The Author,

Dr. Andrea Seidman

The essence of 4 BELS is to recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of every person whether it is in a classroom setting, a mentoring relationship, a professional work environment, or on a personal level of interaction. Understanding behaviors from the student’s perspective is the key to supporting a person’s strengths that lead to success toward chosen directions. Assess for strengths to communicate and plan for the most effective interaction and instruction in all situations whether it be in the workplace or in an academic program. This requires a new perspective for assessment. 4BELS integrated assessment process reflects the way each person’s brain learns best. It focuses on the optimal learning and working environment. Each of us prefers different styles to comprehend information. Some understand better through visual representation, some do better with auditory or experiential interaction. We are each born with intelligence strengths and grasp information through various talents whether they are talents in the arts, in communication, or in STEM fields. Learn how to create optimal learning environments according to the 4BELS process.

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For teachers, all-aged students, parents, grand-parents, for anyone interested in improving behavior, learning techniques, and more.

Finally, a resource for creating optimal learning environments that can empower all brains!

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