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The 4BELS™ (Four Brain Essential Learning Steps) and Teaching Curricular Content to Promote Emotional Safety, Equity, and Inclusion

The 4BELS™ is an instructional process that focuses on teaching the way the brain learns best. These instructional strategies create an environment that is emotionally safe and inclusive, with an integrated assessment system that differentiates to every unique brain. A high-quality educational classroom design is established. This workshop teaches about the complexities of the brain and how to create an effective learning environment that develops intellectual potential and developmental skills. Following the 4BELS process is your solution to effective behavior management and learning. Instructional strategies are illustrated with your program’s curricular topic examples. This workshop engages participants in experiential activities and opportunity to develop a 4BELS™ lesson plan.

The Right Brain and The Left Brain

Learn how the “Right Brain” and “Left Brain” influence our perceptions and ability to think. This session will show you how to activate and develop your Right and Left-Brain hemispheres. You are engaged in “Right-Brain” and “Left Brain” activities to better understand how every child learns best. The session includes effective teaching strategies for the classroom and for professional development staff meetings. You learn how to strengthen the Right-Brain connection for creativity and insight with the strengths and weaknesses of Left-Brain influence on behavior and the ability to socialize and learn. Insights into learning differences such as Dyslexia, ADHD, and ASD are discussed in reference to right/left brain dominance.

Creating an Emotionally Safe Learning Environment – Effective Behavior Management with the Social/Emotional/Cognitive Brain in Mind

Every participant will learn how to become aware of and teach students how to control their emotional, cognitive, and instinctive brain behaviors. This workshop teaches how to understand what stress does to our brain and the most effective strategies to create an emotionally safe classroom environment. You will learn how to strengthen your learners’ ability to focus and concentrate. We will discuss what provokes violent, instinctive behaviors, and how to implement calming strategies with specific responses, exercises, and activities. This session exercises everyone’s unique brain and engages staff in interactive learning experiences for the purpose of immediately implementing effective behavior management tools.

Dyslexia Awareness and Accommodations

Over 20% of the population is dyslexic. That translates to one in every five children suffering from this genetic brain difference in the classroom. Most adults are not aware that they are dyslexic even though this is a genetic phenomenon that severely affects their lives and the lives of their children. This session will discuss the brain differences, early detection, and symptoms of the dyslexic child. It will introduce proven instructional strategies that are most effective for literacy awareness and reading instruction in the early childhood classrooms and beyond. Participants will be able to identify symptoms of dyslexia according to the latest brain research. Participants will be able to identify strategies to effectively teach reading readiness and literacy to the dyslexic child from 2 years through grade school. Participants will be able to design an effective learning environment that prepares and empowers children with dyslexia to read.

Learning-Styles, Multiple Intelligences, and the Brain

This session teaches insight into the learning strategies of an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learner. Discuss Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and ascertain how to establish and assess intelligence strengths. Participants engage in activities that teach curricular topics according to the way your students’ brain learns best. It is important to understand the implications to students when 90% of instruction is auditory but only 10-20% of the population prefers auditory instruction. The 4BELS instructional strategies are the solution to teaching the way every brain learns best.

How to Assess?

Authentic and performance-based assessment tools are essential in every grade level and especially important in the early childhood classrooms. This is an integrated performance-based assessment approach that is user-friendly for teachers. During this workshop teachers learn how to observe and assess the learning style preferences and differences of each child for the purpose of more accurate differentiated instruction. Participants will learn how to create their own rubrics to implement an assessment system that works best for them. Accurate assessment is the solution to creating an emotionally safe, inclusive environment.

Hiring the Best Teacher for your School According to Essential Skills for Effective Instruction

Your staff members are essential to the success of your school and organization. You will have the opportunity to define your priorities when hiring a new staff member according to the latest research on the most effective skills needed for an amazing teacher and supportive member of your school team. This session discusses the results of a study based on the necessary skills for early childhood staff to teachers of all age levels. A 3-Step hiring process is introduced, based on defined skills for success in your classrooms. This process will help to ensure you are interviewing the best possible match for your team and that you are assessing your present staff according to these skills. All participants will develop their own interview questionnaire and staff assessment rubric according to their school’s priorities and needs.

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