The 4B.E.L.S. (Four Brain Essential Learning Steps)

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Use this book as a resource to start your journey into the brain and how to create optimal learning environments for everyone from the youngest to the oldest of ages.

More to follow are a series of children’s books that will excite children when learning about their powerful, brilliant brain and the many ways their brain can find solutions to every problem.

Teachers can reinforce their behavior management programs by suggesting that parents read about the 4B.E.L.S. as well.

Add-on Options For Soft Cover Book Only

Brain Stress Ball – FREE
Signed Copy – FREE
Brain Exercise Cards – $7.99

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A Process to Create Inclusive Learning Environments for Every Unique Brain

The 4B.E.L.S. (Four Brain Essential Learning Steps) is an instructional process that creates emotionally safe, inclusive learning environments for every unique brain. This process offers information for educators, parents, and professional development instructors to better understand the basics of how every brain learns best. Original colorful artwork illustrates the book’s concepts of how we can maximize our ability to learn and teach all subjects. Schools as well as organizations can benefit from this process.


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